The school Eduka Tunisia, whose vocation is to train the future specialists of Insurance, 
Offers a set of insurance courses for graduation (with bac) or also for the certificate (without a baccalaureat).

Our program and schedule can be adapted to a wide range of needs and to
concerns of everyone. It allows:

  • Organize your schedule at your convenience.

  • Working at your own pace

  • To acquire a training, a trade, a qualification.

  • To benefit from an individual support, while being trained by recognized experts of the
    World of insurance.

  • To train while staying in your business.

The educational managers of Eduka Tunisia trainings, from the insurance industry, are professors working in insurance companies, insurance subsidiaries of banks, but also Brokers or large industrial groups.

Adapted pedagogy
The approach adopted in our trainings combines conceptualisation and practice.

The content of the training courses is prepared in coordination with high-level professionals from all the fields most in demand in the labor market.

The training provided is constantly updated, according to the needs expressed by the professionals of the place and to the evolutive requirements of the profession.

The evaluation of the pedagogical and technical skills of trainers is carried out through the forms
Evaluation completed by the participants.

Expertise and resources
We use all means necessary to best meet your specific needs In an evolving environment.

By choosing your institute, you choose a team Academics and qualified experts with a thorough knowledge of all innovative trades.

We also provide you with spacious training rooms, equipped and ideally located for easy access.

Nos formations sont organisées en groupes restreints afin d’impliquer au maximum les stagiaires.

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