Level : Certificate of Continuing Professional Training in Insurance.
Duration : 89H- 3 months.

Conditions of eligibility:

  • Have a baccalaureate or high school diploma.

  • Have an excellent knowledge of the French language spoken and written.

  • Sufficient knowledge of English.

For this type of program, the Certificate of Continuing Professional Training in Insurance prepares the various insurance professions for positions of responsibility.

  • Collaborator of a general agent or insurance broker.

  • Account Manager.

  • Manager in an import-export company.

Training program

Introduction to insurance law10H
Automotive regulatory framework and pricing12H
Automobiles sinister12H
Miscellaneous and agricultural risks12H
Life insurance12H
Principle of Islamic Insurance4H
Sales techniques9H
Practical training in agency operations9H
Transportation insurance9H


Stakeholders discuss the fundamentals of insurance and share with participants the specificities of our industry.

Evaluation methods: Why a Certificate of Vocational Training continues in

EduKa offers you a flexible and innovative device whose objective is to make you Quickly operational.

This certificate makes it possible to discover and understand the essential knowledge of insurance.

At the end of the training, you will be able to communicate with your different Interlocutors.

In 3 months you will discover

  • The fundamental laws of insurance

  • The insurance industry and its players

  • The different markets: individuals, professionals, companies

  • The principles of underwriting and compensation mechanism.


A validation test is carried out at the end of each module.

Certification is obtained from 12/20 of general notation

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