Level : Certificate of Administrative Manager in Insurance.
Duration : 3 months.

Definition :

The Administrative Insurance Manager performs the seizure or verification of banking transactions (stock exchange orders, check remittances, etc.) or insurance (entering contracts, updating contributions, etc.), Administrative follow-up of files, depending on banking regulations or insurance regulations.

  • Manages insurance contracts (call for contributions, etc.).

  • Can carry out commercial operations (canvassing, …).

Conditions of eligibility :

  • Any school level.

Training program :

Unit_1: General knowledge20 Hours
1.1. The presentation of the insurance sector-
1.2. The various categories of insurance-
1.3. Principle of Takaful insurance-
Unit_2: Life and health insurance20 Hours
2.1. The main categories of contracts-
2.2. Insurance against physical risks (disability - disability - death)-
2.3. Health insurance-
2.4. Life insurance-
Unit_3: Property and Liability Insurance20 Hours
3.1. Risk assessment and selection-
3.2. The different types of contracts and the life of the contract-
3.3. The presentation of the guarantees and the pricing (automobile)-
Unit_4: Management and sales techniques20 Hours
4.1. The Insurance Marketing Approach-
4.2. Taxation and accounting-
4.3. Internal Resources Management-
Unit_5: Initiation to the professional environment1 Month
5.1. Practical training in agency operations-

Pédagogie :

As a leader in professional insurance training, Eduka_Tunisia is launching, for the first time in Tunisia, the brand new Cursus Gestionnaire Administratif en Assurance.

This training is set up with the aim of responding directly to the needs of the labor market in the insurance sector, both in the personal and corporate sectors.

EduKa offers you a flexible and innovative device whose objective is to make you quickly operational. Quickly operational.

This certificate makes it possible to discover and understand the essential knowledge of insurance.

At the end of the training, you will be able to communicate with your different interlocuteurs.

Certification :

A validation test is carried out at the end of each module.

Certification is obtained from 12/20 of general average

P.S: Certificate of training registered exclusively for Eduka Tunisia with OTDAV (Tunisian Copyright Organization) under number 12-02-01 / 245-2016

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